Hi! My name is Reese Harper. This space is dedicated to the art and science giving financial advice to clients.

In 2003, I became an advisor. Prior to that, I saw myself as a teacher—a musician mostly. I never dreamed my niche RIA (Dentist Advisors) would grow to the scale it has today. Salt Lake City, where I started, was a small relatively small market. I was excited about a future where I would have 75 clients and a lifestyle practice.

But as time passed, my interest grew, and I started enjoying the process of training advisors, marketing, demand gen, technology, and more. I was lucky to interact with a lot of smart employees and partners who helped me learn and see opportunities to make an even bigger impact than I originally envisioned.

As we grew larger, I started to build a more scalable financial planning process. Over time I decided to turn that process into some technology that might help advisors and clients work more effectively. That business is called Elements. I love my job as an advisor, and I’ve had a blast as an entrepreneur in fintech. I especially value the opportunity it offers me to make a positive impact. 

All the content you’ll get in this blog is coming directly from me, usually in the late hours of the night, and normally with fewer drafts than I’m comfortable with. I work with clients actively, switch gears to build technology, and hope that this can offer a unique perspective to someone who may be struggling like I was in the early years.

I don't have a marketing or sales objective here. I see myself as more of an academic, interested in lifelong learning alongside each of you. You can expect my authentic, fresh takes here—with very little fluff.

My interests are primarily in client communication, client engagement, client financial health, benchmarking and heuristics around client KPI's, sample job maps for client "jobs to be done," instructional drawings, screenshots of software, and product insights I have as I continue to work on my both my firm and fintech.

I would love to hear from you at any time. Please comment, like, share, or reply directly to my emails. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Some days my writing may be about the art of giving financial advice; some days, the wild journey that is parenting; others, just what’s on my heart and mind. Thank you for being here. I love having you as part of this community.


Writes about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and spirituality. CEO @ Elements, and Dentist Advisors.